A lot has been said about using food grade ibc tanks....I can't find any food grade tanks and am wondering why we just can't clean out these other tanks instead?

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Some companies use the totes to carry some SERIOUS chemicals which, even though thoroughly cleaned, can leach is small amounts back into the water that you're putting in the container. At least, that's how I understand it.

Yes the art of it all is to use what you can find in your area.   We had a lot of fun in India building the system there using all local materials.  Most large cities have some food manufacturing of some type.   Where do you  live?

Hello, Thanks for the replies.... I live in Oklahoma

Go to local scrap yards or recycling centers. I think the one I got from a tractor place was harmful chemicals but I went to the local recycling place and found LIKE NEW ones with HUGE stickers saying "Food Grade" and "Sunflower Oil" it was great... but... like a cheap idiot, I'm gonna try that other one. If THAT doesn't give me cancer, the Monsters I drink will so... what's there to lose.

I assume that you are looking at craigslist for some of the major cites around there.     Sometimes I have to throw in a special search term like " 275 gallon"  or "300 gallon"  to find them if they are indeed there. 

You truly don't know what has been shipped in these containers and do you really trust someone that probably doesn't really know for sure?  Plastics will absorb chemicals and even though they look good after you clean them they will leach the chenacles back into the water for some time.

  To find these IBC totes, I checked out A dairy equipment supply store in my area.  ALL the totes have to contain food grade products even though you may not think of them this way, they are.  Such as goat dip, sheep utter / teat treatment and so on.  All amimals lick and clean themselves, around here these animals are used as food products and the dairy equipment supply store knows this. 

White Bear

I got access to a tank from the municipal water board which was used to hold a silicon based defoamer.  Not sure if I'll be able to use this for a tank or not.

WOO HOO!!  FINALLY found a local source of food grade totes!!  I thought it would never happen.  The guy is about an hour from me and has totes that held a syrup used in making salad dressing.

Awesome!  Glad to hear it Adam.  Are they "free" or at least cheap enough to make them reasonable?  Either way, glad you came up with a source for totes!

I'm getting them for $70 each, which was much cheaper than the other source in Madison, Alabama, which wanted $125 each for them.  I'm also spending less in gas to get them.

actually man thats what i'm doing, theres a lot of worry from people about it but as long as you clean em really well i don't see a problem with it. clean and try it see if everything lives lol, i suspect it'll be fine

The totes that I'm getting for free now where used to ship wax used to coat paper.  Non toxic and viscous, I doubt that the plastic could soak any of it up.  They are the best I can come up with since they are free and I'm on a fixed income.  I'm washing them out, bleaching, letting sit empty for a few weeks to air out and then putting into service for my needs.


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