Here's a question for the experienced breeders:

We have only just started breeding (3 does, 1 buck) and our currently pregnant doe has developed a case of wry neck. The nesting box is due to go in on Thursday. 

I have consulted with the local Vet, and he had to look it up in a textbook, so I'm not too confident in his rabbit knowledge. He gave us medication to treat all of the rabbits in case the wry neck was caused by a parasite. 

From what I have managed to research online, there is the possibility that it has been caused by something other than a parasite. If this is the case, the doe could possibly recover to some extent, or bare minimum, have her kits and be able to bring them to maturity.

In your experience, is it worth it to see the pregnancy through to the end? or should we just cull the doe now and thoroughly clean and disinfect her cage?

At this point, I'm feeling like I should just wait and see how things turn out. She is eating, so I'm not too concerned with her starving to death. She also doesn't seem to be suffering, although she is very disoriented. If it weren't for the nearly full term pregnancy, I would probably have already culled her, but this complicates things.

Helpful suggestions are appreciated.

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Wry neck is not all that uncommon in rabbits, I have found it can be treated with Ivermecin, 1/10 of one CC per pound of weight, do not over dose for it can kill the rabbit. Another med. is Fendbendozol sold in a paste form for horses, squeeze out an amount the size of  PEA and give the the rabbit orally. It have an APPLE flavor or you can mix it in with some Banana and the rabbit will usually devour it in no time. The Fendbendozol will not kill the rabbit if given to much as Ivermicin can and stays in the body for three days compared to the Invermicin which stays in the body for 24 hours.

If you check on line on the internet there are several write ups about this and worth while to read.

I have a Buck how has had this Wry Neck, he never recovered 100 percent but I would say he is 95% good and I do give him both meds. every once in a while just to be sure. If you doe is due real soon and depending upon her condition would dictate if keeping her is worth the trouble. The Buck I have was out of a litter of eleven and not one of the siblings came down with this ailment. I would like to note that this Buck has Sired several Litters and not one of the Kits have had any sign of Wry Neck.

Thanks Jerry, this is very helpful. We're planning on waiting out the pregnancy at this point, and I guess we'll see from there.

Your welcome. Please keep me posted as to how the Doe responds to medication. I also wanted to mention that Ivermicin is also used for Fur Mites which are also common to rabbits. To apply you can give orally, injection under the skin or apply directly on the skin behind the back of the neck and on the infested area. Covering the infested area on the skin with a Veg. Oil, Olive oil or any other type of oil will kill the Mites.

Just thought I would add this information for future use if needed.


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