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7 Water Saving Tips for Your Garden

Garden maintenance can be quite expensive. It requires special tools, fertilizers and of course...water. Lots of water! Luckily, there are different ways to save on the latter. Try to implement these seven ideas and your water bill will be significantly lower.

  1. Plant the right species…


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Tips for Designing a Stunning Terrace Garden

Getting started on this will require you to work on things from several angles, as it will take a lot of effort and gardening to make it happen. In many cases you will need to do work hard on things alone, so this article will give you a hand with that so you can handle everything during such a task. A terrace garden is a bit more challenging than a regular garden, so make use of these tips to make it happen:…


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Winter Gardening Guidelines

For a lot of people out there gardening is a summer or spring work that requires great patience and hard work to pull off. The cooler months of autumn and even worse – winter tend to be a time where we let our flower beds and plots sleep until the world around us warms up once more for the most part, rarely going beyond raking leaves.…


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Caring for Garden Trees in Autumn

Every expert gardener knows how important it is to care for garden trees in autumn. Fruit trees are a great addition to every garden, and looking after them properly presents many benefits. Fruits are all delicious, but to ensure you receive these gifts, you must take your time and effort during the fall and coming winter to guarantee your trees stay healthy.…


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How to Build a Vertical Garden out of Plastic Bottles

If you really want to make a nice gardening upgrade, then you can work on creating a small project for your garden if you have limited space. A vertically grown garden will help you save that space but at the same time, but you can also save up some plastic bottles to use in the project instead of recycling them. This will be a great solution if you want to grow vegetables small scale and even inside…


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Capture the Rustic Essence of a Small Garden with Some Fine Details

For a small rustic garden in the backyard or right next to the porch - always a great idea is to enhance its layout every season as the best and easiest way for maintenance. Instead of reshaping the plants, the lawn, the wooden deck, the location of the pots and thus the entire garden landscaping, maybe a better idea is to get some new objects as new details of the landscape. It comes to some fine details and pieces that can pop up the true…


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5 Steps to Winterising an Organic Garden

If you are about to don your Christmas hat and start thinking about how you are going to spend the holidays, chances are that you are currently done with gardening. You will spend more time in your home than outside, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your duties in the garden.

If you live in an area…


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Don't Throw Away Fallen Leaves - You'll Need Them

Fallen leaves are plenty in fall, that much you know. You likely spend hours every year raking and collecting those from your garden and backyard, only to dispose of them later. Well, you can do that, but you will be throwing away a useful resource, which can be utilised in your gardening efforts instead.…


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Gardening In the Autumn- All You Need to Know

The crispier and cold days may soon put an end to the work in the garden, but not quite yet. You may need to wait a little bit before you place the lawn mower and the garden tools back in the garage. Autumn is a busy season when it comes to gardening. You need to plan and prepare your site for the spring, to clean up the gardening beds, to take care of the lawn, to perform overall garden clearance…


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A Guide to the Energy – Efficient Garden

Remove The Pests the “Green” Way

When it comes to the gardening maintenance, you can save both energy and effort by leaving nature do the job for you. You don’t need expensive…


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Greetings America! This is Vince Edwards, Community Leader here in Blanca, Colorado. As you can see from my previous videos, I'm pretty committed to this project, and it's completion. After studying …

Greetings America! This is Vince Edwards, Community Leader here in Blanca, Colorado. As you can see from my previous videos, I'm pretty committed to this project, and it's completion. After studying how the world really works for over 30 years, I decided to sit down with a word processor and see if I could actually make it clear to myself. After about 2 years of explaining it to your's truly, I finally believe I show the layman how the system really works. My hope is that once people have…


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How to handle hazardous waste?

Learning how to handle hazardous waste in your working environment properly is not just a legal matter, it is also a responsible way of thinking about the future of this world that we are living in. We could all as well be tired of hearing about global warming, pollution, and dangerous, artificial synthetics that are poisoning us, but if we all choose to look away - who is left to deal with this problem? If we had known about the destructive potential that misuse and…


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Hi all!

This being my first post, I thought that I would express on the amazing nature of this group! This is awesome! Anyway, today I made a batch of the laundry soap from the video by Candy and Jason. Instead of diluting the batch a second time (for a total of 10 gallons), we just left it concentrated at 5 gallons. This worked really well and our laundry is smelling fantastic! The only thing that required a tad more action was the gelling of the laundry soap after we let it sit out…


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Attempt at homesteading

I Love to garden and keep farm animals, well living in an urban area didn't afford me that chance till beginning of this year.

I'll be documenting my journey slowly in this blog.

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Urban Farm in Santa Fe, NM, creates Community Land Trust to purchase farm property at risk of foreclosure

Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Gaia Gardens, a nonprofit certified organic farm, has been operating on a leased parcel of land in Santa Fe since 2012.  With the support of a large group of friends and neighbors, we have turned a parched and neglected landscape into a colorful urban oasis, cultivating a large parcel of land in the middle of town and galvanizing a powerful community around it.


This 3.5-acre rental property…


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Reddit AMA on Cold Weather Aquaponics Wed. Aug. 27 2pm EST

This post first appeared on Cold Weather Aquaponics

In case you're not familiar, Reddit has a long tradition of hosting something called AMAs or Ask Me Anything.  There have been thousands of them over the…


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Your Pipes Need Some Bling

This post first appeared on Cold Weather Aquaponics.

If you recall, on the…


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How Twitter Killed My Fish

I'd like to share a story with you today, about a bonehead move I made.

It's the story of how I trusted a little bird to care for my fish, and how they ended up dead.

But first you need to know something about my friend Arduino.

Arduino is a plucky little…


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An Aquponics Manifesto

This post first appeared on Cold Weather Aquaponics

After years of building and operating a backyard aquaponics system, and months of writing about aquaponics, until recently this question still stopped me in…


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