Greetings America! This is Vince Edwards, Community Leader here in Blanca, Colorado. As you can see from my previous videos, I'm pretty committed to this project, and it's completion. After studying …

Greetings America! This is Vince Edwards, Community Leader here in Blanca, Colorado. As you can see from my previous videos, I'm pretty committed to this project, and it's completion. After studying how the world really works for over 30 years, I decided to sit down with a word processor and see if I could actually make it clear to myself. After about 2 years of explaining it to your's truly, I finally believe I show the layman how the system really works. My hope is that once people have that knowledge, they will stop all participation. That condensed information is included in my recently self-published book: "I'm Leaving Civilization" and subtitled "Wanna Come With Me?"

20 years ago, I would regularly have the door slammed in my face while I was campaigning for this or that politician, attempting to communicate the pressing need to turn this country around before it's too late. I've had thousands of conversations with many different people all over the country. Today, we stand at the precipice. The latest reports out of the news tell me one thing: Our "masters" are getting nervous, anxious and yes, somewhat scared that there are too many of us becoming informed and raising our heads from the herd to focus on the true nature of our enslavement.

The question is now: Are you going to keep running with the herd or are you going to start implementing the solutions necessary to build a new world? I'm not just speaking of the one herd here. There are many herds as we are all divided into our own categories. Many of us are working on our own solutions, battling one of the tentacles of the octopus. Meanwhile, others with equally noble intent are feeding the octopus while having no idea they are a big part of the problem. I'm interested in root solutions rather than hacking at the branches. From my research over the last 30 or so years, it's been made clear to me that everything we do in our current society is actually contributing to our enslavement.

We are placing the chains upon ourselves. I'm not just speaking about getting a DRIVER license or obtaining a socialist security card. The herd some of us wind up in (as your author is walking proof) is the one where all the sheep are attempting to pull the weight of an ox cart by being part of the 2-5% who will knock on doors, march, protest and broadcast the "real" news to the rest of us. In short, we do a lot of talking to ourselves and as Jack Blood puts it well: listening to far too much "infotainment" while not really implementing any solutions. So many of us in this "freedom" game are spending far too much time focusing on IMAGINARY enemies. Your enemy: likely, is that reflection in the mirror. Yes we've been conned and defrauded by murderers and thieves. I get that. The overarching point here is that YOU are in control still, for a limited time: of your future.

Once you have the knowledge you need to be able to effectively stay out of all these crazy commercial contracts we find ourselves in (see: "I'm Leaving Civilization" page 32), you are free to begin the journey of abundance that is promised to us by a Creator who has a grand plan. It's time for humanity to free itself. We have so much incredible potential. In many cases even one human being can accomplish the "impossible." In the few occasions you've seen the example, a well oiled team of individuals committed to the same goal can pull off a bona-fide miracle.

In order to motivate you further to bring in OUR new world order, I'd like to hammer on a nerve and shock you into action. Perhaps 99% or more of humanity lives on a week to week, or month to month basis. Food, water, shelter and clothing are never a guarantee for longer than the shortest period of time. For perhaps 10,000 years or more we've known that we have to eat, for example, for the rest of our lives. Our "masters" have succeeded in dumbing us down to a point where we do not even realize that our freedom is dependent on THEIR bread line. Many people I've spoken with don't even have the first clue how to stick a seed in the dirt, and water it regularly!

I hope the irony of what I just said above is obvious: I just gave some pretty simple directions on how to sustain yourself and begin to wean yourself off of dependence on your "masters." Many people believe they are independent, can do it on their own and so fourth. I would be interested to see how many of them are still independent, or even alive when the spell wears off of people who magically believed that "cash" was valuable. In the end, or in the beginning it's going to be FOOD, and the ability to protect and defend that food which will keep one alive. Now my next question is: Are we going to be all hunkered down in our individual foxholes, just waiting to be picked off, or are we going to start RIGHT NOW implementing a global, autonomous community network that will catch humanity before we are once again reduced to a primitive race, just trying to survive the aftermath of a third world war?

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